Joint Filler

FlashFill is a true polyurea - not filled with additives and fillers that effect performance. FlashFill is designed & manufactured by the same team who pioneered the development of two-part polyurea over 20 years ago. Customer input is vital, and because we listen to ours, FlashFill is one of the fastest growing polyurea jointfillers in the industry.  FlashFill will fill your needs (pun intended).

* Ready to Shave in 60 Seconds               * Moisture Tolerant                                      * Tensile - 1850

* UV Stable                                                     * Cures to 85 Hardness                               * Tear Strength 190 psi

* Excellent Cohesion-self bonding          * Excellent Adhesion-side wetting           * Elongation 300%

*Movement 12%+                                        * Traffic Access 5 Minutes

Polyurea Pump
$2,990.00 $3,250.00